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Published: September 9, 2022 (3 weeks ago)

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With the unbundling of software as we get ready for a free-software future, the Open Source and Free Software Foundation Europe (FSFE) has taken a survey of the European IT and telecoms industry. Here we look at the results of FSFE’s survey into bundling, and how your business is coping with open source software and free software.



The results are being published in a series of notes, the first of which is available here.

We would like to thank FSFE’s members and working groups for contributing to the survey. We’d also like to thank the FSFE staff involved in collecting and analysing the data.

Here are just some of the other results in the survey. To read more, see:


The response rate was 16 percent, with 57 interviews conducted and downloaded as a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.

The first result is that IT and telecoms companies are aware that unbundling software is a significant issue and that there is widespread use of bundles in the industry, even when they are open source.

IT and telecoms companies are aware of the issues that bundle software presents

We can also see that 88 percent of respondents know that unbundling is a major issue.

Unbundling of software packages such as Adobe Acrobat and Apache OpenOffice is common in the EU, but is often not officially declared as it’s often bundled as a’suite’, ‘trunk’ or ‘offer’.

Or create several distinct products and services without a clear transition from one to the other. Some respondents provide examples of this.

Free/open-source bundles often contain proprietary software

We can see that the results relate directly to the fact that the EU is a member of the Open Source Initiative and the Free Software Foundation Europe, with 17 percent of respondents having some understanding of these issues.

Also, in the case of bundled proprietary software with an FSF licence